2016 Session

SJ 96

College readiness; State Council of Higher Education for Virginia; et al.

SB 201

Division of fees among physicians.

SB 212

Health regulatory boards; membership and terms.

SB 399

Practitioners of healing arts; temporary authorization to practice.

SB 513

Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers of opiates.

SB 622

Military medical personnel; pilot program for personnel to practice medicine.

SB 773

Medical Assistance Services, Department of; asset location and recovery

SB 774

DMAS; Request for Proposal.

SB 775

DMAS; Medicaid eligibility and application.

SB 685

Virginia taxable income; deduction for personal exemptions.

SB 455

Social Services, Department of; information sharing.

SB 679

General Services, Department of; shall provide dashboard of purchase order reports from eVa.

SB 680

General Assembly; JLARC to review fiscal impact statements for executive orders when requested.

SJ 122

Commending Henrico High School

SJ 123

Commending Douglas S. Freeman High School

SJ 124

Commending Deep Run High School

SJ 125

Commending Mills E. Godwin High School

SJ 177

Commending St. Mary’s Hospital

SJ 184

Commending the Virginia Urological Society

SJ 208

Commending the Virginia Urological Society

SR 31

Commending the James River Association

SR 57

Commending James D. Campbell