Crossover Update: Education


Higher Education
It is time we refreshed how we approach enrollment in Virginia’s two-year and four-year colleges so that we are better serving students to reduce the cost of higher education for families, help better prepare high school for higher education, and reduce the time it takes to get a degree. To accomplish this, I have proposed legislation that will:

  • Standardize core curriculum classes between all of Virginia’s community colleges so that classes and quality are uniform, and ensure that these core curriculum classes will be accepted by Virginia’s four-year universities.
  • Create a transfer portal that will make it easy for students to find the most efficient path to the degree or certification that they want.
  • Develop a strategic financial plan for higher education to improve affordability. We will look at:
    • The total student cost for a degree including tuition, fees and debt.
    • The total cost to the state in funding, capital improvements and financial aid
    • Degree success including successful employment and underemployment

K-12 Education

Teacher Shortage
Virginia has a shortage of teachers, and because of this we need to make it easier to get teachers in classrooms faster. That’s why I have advanced legislation that allows provisional licenses in critical subject areas (areas where teachers are most needed).

Education Improvement Scholarship Program
Senator Bill Stanley and I have partnered together to expand Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships tax credit program to pre-kindergarten program. Right now, individuals or businesses that make a donation to nonprofit foundations that award scholarships to K-12 students are able to receive a tax credit. This expands eligibility to pre-K as well, recognizing the importance of early childhood education to developing a strong foundation for children.