2019 Initiatives to Drive Virginia Opportunity

Welcome, 2019! For many of us, the beginning of the year brings renewed perspective. It’s a restart of the calendar and a refresh of the mind. It’s also the time of year when Virginia elected representatives like me convene at our Capitol in downtown Richmond. For 45 days, I will work with dozens of diverse colleagues to address the state’s challenges and opportunities and to negotiate new laws that benefit our district and the whole Commonwealth.

My top priority is the community that you and I share. Henrico and Hanover are drivers of our state’s economy and leaders in education. Our district is filled with families, businesses, and individuals who work hard, confront challenge, and share success. I’m proud to know you not only as constituents, but as my neighbors, and it’s through that lens that I approach every conversation in our community and every vote in the Virginia Senate.

The legislative proposals that I put forth are always based on careful analysis of costs and benefits and they always require greater accountability from our state for each and every tax dollar spent. Those are your dollars – you deserve to know where they go and why. During this year’s General Assembly session, I am advancing common-sense initiatives that build upon progress from previous years and offer real, cost-effective solutions for some perennial problems.

  • In education, I have proposed a practical reform of our statewide system for early childhood education. Disparities in the quality and delivery of these early developmental resources has widened achievement gaps and created remedial costs at the expense of tax-payers and our children. We are also going to expand access to virtual learning in K-12 education, offering high-quality, affordable instruction through new channels so that every student has more opportunity to learn.
  • In economic opportunity, we are going to strengthen our workforce readiness resources by aligning higher education credits and professional training with industry credentials. Through an online portal, Virginia students and job seekers will be able to clearly identify their progress toward a chosen career and have knowledge of the cost and steps to achieve it. [broadband, tax, skills development]
  • In healthcare, I am furthering efforts to reduce shared and individual costs. My proposals suggest greater transparency in medical billing and practical solutions that create greater access to group benefits. We can reduce addiction risk and lower treatment costs by offering natural CBD remedies. It’s time for healthcare to evolve with our health needs.

In addition to advancing these priorities, I will continue to advocate for your financial interests, the quality of our environment, and a high-performing government that truly serves Virginia families. Please visit my website at DunnavantDelivers.com for updates on legislation I have proposed.


Siobhan Dunnavant