Doctor’s Note: Small Business Initiatives

Alongside my medical practice, I own and operate a small business that helps staff women’s care units in hospitals. Owning a business is both a privilege and a challenge. I’m inspired by the energy and innovation of so many Virginia entrepreneurs, and I am committed to ensuring that Virginia’s business environment promotes their greatest success.

I’m proud to support free-market principles and pro-business policies that encourage prosperity for Virginia’s business owners and their employees. Because one of the greatest costs to entrepreneurs and independent contractors is health insurance, I am working hard to enable access to more affordable options like group plans (SB 1689). Reducing insurance costs for our small businesses allows them to redirect their spending into growth plans and new job creation. We must also ensure that business owners and all Virginians benefit from fair tax treatment. I support conformity with federal tax policy and have put forth a proposal (SB 1631) to index the standard deduction so that Virginians have access to increasing benefits.

In addition to common-sense policies that help Virginia businesses manage the cost burden of healthcare and taxes, I am vigilant of over regulation that suppresses growth. This year, I’ve proposed initiatives that allow permits for mobile businesses like food trucks to be reciprocal between counties and also that encourage greater efficiency in business inspections (SB 1425). With practical solutions like these, we can swiftly eliminate business impediments and encourage greater profitability.

I look forward to updating you on these and more initiatives to promote business growth in our Commonwealth.

Local small business owner (Hatch Kitchen) and food truck advocate, Austin Green, after SB 1425 passed unanimously out of the Senate Finance Committee