Doctor’s Note: Respect Life

February 1st, 2019|Comments Off on Doctor’s Note: Respect Life

Doctor’s Note: Respect Life   I am heartbroken and stunned by the remarks made in Virginia this week regarding late-term abortion. As a mother and a doctor, I am saddened that we have undertaken a debate about willfully terminating infant life during the final days of pregnancy or even during birth. As an obstetrician, it's my job and privilege to ensure that mother and baby BOTH make it through pregnancy healthy and well. When I reflect on the events of this week, I remember so many babies that delivered before term sometime in the third trimester. I have held and worried about so many fragile, premature babies and then watched them thrive thanks to amazing neonatal care. I am dismayed that a child of [...]

Press Release: Senate Republicans Unveil $1 Billion Tax Relief Plan

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Press Release: Senate Republicans Unveil $1 Billion Tax Relief Plan   RICHMOND, VA, 30 JANUARY 2019: The 21-member Senate Majority Republican Caucus today unveiled a plan to provide Virginia taxpayers with nearly $1 billion in tax relief over the next two years.“The plan all Senate Republicans are united behind will give every Virginian who pays personal income taxes a rebate this year and lower taxes through at least 2025,” declared Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City), Co-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. “When fully implemented, our plan will return nearly $1 billion to the people of Virginia. Our plan is simple, direct, and for the many, not the few.”“This plan would be the second largest tax cut in Virginia history, and [...]

Doctor’s Note: School Safety

January 29th, 2019|Comments Off on Doctor’s Note: School Safety

Doctor's Note: School Safety Nationwide, we’ve seen too many episodes of violence in our schools and communities. We have the resources for greater vigilance and prevention, and it’s time we put them to use. Virginia’s yearly budget already includes funds to equip our schools with security devices. What we need now isn’t more money – it’s ingenuity in getting our students and staff to adopt practices that identify threats and prevent violence. With the widespread use of smartphones and mobile technology, even among younger students, we can build on existing communication networks and familiar formats through an easy-to-use app. Strengthening the ‘see something, say something’ app is a practical solution that can be widely adopted at little cost. It’s an existing technology [...]

Doctor’s Note: Early Childhood Success Act

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Doctor’s Note: Early Childhood Success Act As a mom of four, I’ve been privileged to watch my children develop from infancy to adulthood, exploring their own interests and achieving their own goals through the enrichment of education. For a child, education opens the doors to curiosity, confidence, and skill. It’s never too early to nurture these qualities and it never gets old to see talent blossom into excellence. Curiosity, confidence, and skill are born in each and every child. They are fundamental to the success of individual development and to the success of our communities. They are the building blocks of both personal fulfillment and productivity. The unfortunate reality, though, is that for too long we have had uneven access to the [...]

Doctor’s Note: Making Sense of Medical Marijuana

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Doctor's Note: Making Sense of Medical Marijuana   Each time I consider how to solve a problem, whether it arises in my own home or impacts the diverse lives of our district and state, I weigh the potential risks against the desired benefits. You and I each make these calculations in our daily lives, and it’s what voters fairly expect of their elected representatives when deciding on public issues. One of the issues that’s gotten a lot of attention nationwide in recent years is the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Last year, there was a unanimous decision (SB 726) to allow Virginia patients access to CBD and THC-A, the medicinal derivatives of marijuana. With the assistance of their doctors, Virginians will be able [...]