Are you paying too much for health insurance?

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Health insurance premiums are so high some families pay more for their health insurance than they pay for their mortgage and they still have a high deductible. Some pay as much as $10,000 out of pocket before the health plan starts paying. Costs are out of control!!! And people don’t go to the doctor even when they have insurance.

The Virginia Legislature is working this year to find some solutions and lower costs. This has got to get fixed. There is a legislation moving through the Senate that will help. Small business associations will be able to offer low cost health plans to their members. Small businesses make up over 90% of businesses in Virginia. Currently, these businesses have few options in terms of healthcare and they often turn to the expensive and unreliable individual marketplace to provide insurance for their employees and themselves. We, as Virginians, need to find a Virginia solution. We need competition for these big health plans. With low cost, creative alternatives like this, Virginians can find more money in their pockets, send less to a health plan and afford to see the doctor when they are sick.

I’m Siobhan Dunnavant. I’m your state senator and a doctor, and I introduced this legislation. The number one concern I hear from my constituents and patients is that their health care insurance is too expensive and for such a high price, they receive very little. Finding ways to lower the cost of healthcare is one of the major reasons I ran for office. This is one of many proposals I have to help make more lower cost options available.

Thanks for signing the petition, and I hope you will keep in touch so I can hear your voice on other issues, too. For more information or to see my other legislation check out my website here.

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