Have you been touched by the opiate crisis?

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Fatal opioid overdoses increased by over 40% in 2016 when compared to 2015, and that number is continuing to rise. The General Assembly is working to combat this issue from multiple angles. I am working to limit the number of days an opioid can be prescribed to a patient and to coordinate communication between the emergency department and the physician when a patient is admitted due to an overdose.

We need not only to decrease new addictions, but treat those already in trouble. Legislation is now being considered to extend Medicaid to cover addiction treatment. Virginia has a very successful treatment program, but we need to be sure those in need can get connected.

I’m your state Senator Siobhan Dunnavant and this is some of the legislation I am working on to help solve the opiate crisis. Everyone I know has been touched by the opiate crisis in some way. We need to do everything we can to end it.

Thanks for signing the petition, and I hope you will keep in touch so I can hear your voice on other issues, too. For more information or to see my other legislation check out my website here.

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